Things to do in Scarborough

The best activities to get up to on the East Coast

There’s tons to see & explore in Scarborough, come rain or shine. What will you get up to on your staycay? Let us help…

Must-see Attractions

Scarborough Castle

Climb up to Scarborough Castle & you’ll be rewarded with the best views in all the land – other than the ones from our seafront hotel windows, of course. Over 3000 years old, the castle has survived naval bombardment, sieges, vikings & worst of all – seagulls. Wow!

Scarborough Fair Collection

Feast your eyes on the Scarborough Fair Collection, a museum full of the finest & funnest elements of our town’s past. Think vintage cars, steam engines & classic fairground rides.

Scarborough Open Air Theatre

The Open Air Theatre was reopened in 2010 by the Queen herself – we wonder if she’d have brought her corgis for a sleepover at our hotel in Scarborough if we existed then! They’ve had loads of class acts perform since & have loads more to come.

Hidden gems

South Cliff Italian Gardens

Spanning from Spa Bridge to Holbeck, South Cliff Italian Gardens is one of Scarborough’s most treasured attractions. Whichever way you look, you’re bound to get an insta-worthy piccy from any angle. Strike a pose!

St Mary’s Church

You only have to take one peek at St Mary’s Church to see why Anne Brontë chose it as her final resting place. This building stands proud as punch over the town, overlooking the washy waves of the South Bay.

Hairy Bob’s Cave

Keep your eyes peeled & you might just catch sight of Hairy Bob’s Cave, a tiny rock on Marine Drive with doors & windows carved out. We don’t know who Bob was, but he’s so famous in the town that he has a Skate Park named after him. That’s rock & roll.