Hotel facilities for dogs in Scarborough

Make the most of our pet-friendly hotel

Let’s be very clear on one thing – we love pooches! Whether it’s dog walks in Scarborough you’re looking for, or the best facilities at our pet-friendly hotel – we’ve got you & your pooches covered.

Dog Resources

On the hunt for a place to snack with your four-legged companion, or the best dog walks in Scarborough? Read on to find out more.


Our top 5 local dog walks


Wheels & Deals

Waffles & Walkies

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Triple Whammy

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Something for the Weekend

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The Italian Job

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Wild & Windswept

Hate making plans? Let us make them for you! Book two nights at our Scarborough seafront hotel, and we’ll sort…


Monetary Voucher

Whether it is an overnight stay, a treat in our Bareca or additional services such as bike hire, you can…