When it comes to dog walks in Scarborough, there’s lots more options than just the beaches! If you’re looking to avoid the sticky sand and salty sea, you can venture to one of our local parks and woods, or go further afield to the North York Moors and beyond.

In this blog, our dog-friendly hotel has listed the best local dog walks in Scarborough that avoid the beaches.

Peasholm Park

This park is great for those looking for a peaceful walk with their pooch. Well-behaved dogs on leads are welcome to trek around the vast lake, natural glen and little ponds. Just please don’t let your dog pee on the very pretty and very rare trees. And maybe don’t take your pooch on a dragon boat.

Raincliffe Woods

Just a couple of miles out of the town centre, Raincliffe Woods has three trails for you to follow with your pup: Rowntree, Graham and Wallis – you can bet we love these names! The Wallis route is the most strenuous, so might be best avoided if you have a small dog that loves to be carried. We’re looking at you, chihuahuas.

The Mere

If you ask any of the locals what the best dog walk in Scarborough is, you can bet that they’ll send you on your way here. The famous Mere is the Lakeland that you can find down at the Weaponness Valley. We promise this location isn’t as threatening as the name implies.

Dalby Forest

Drive a little further out of Scarbs to Dalby Forest – it’s well worth it! There are a whopping 12 walking trails to choose from, including some easy access routes for the laziest of pooches. The Crosscliff View trail is one of their shortest walks, but you’re rewarded with stunning scenery to have a gander at!

Broxa Forest

Looking to make the most of the North Yorkshire Moors? Broxa Forest is the place for you! Follow the wooded walk to discover stunning views – and even look out for the Northern Lights! Let your dog be at one with the wind, as you investigate whether that glint you thought was an aeroplane is, in fact, one of nature’s best wonders. Will you ever know?

Our dog-friendly hotel in Scarborough is in the prime spot for you to access all the best walks of North Yorkshire. Even better? After a day of wild adventures, you can clean your smelly pooch down in our Wadobi. Find out more about how our hotel caters to your four-legged-friend: https://bikeandboot.com/scarborough/dog/

As a bike-friendly hotel, we’re full of wheely good advice when it comes to getting out and about. Our seaside town is famous for its routes, trails and location.

Here’s a few of the best places to visit on a cycling holiday in Scarborough.

Cinder Track

Starting off with the big one! This route should be at the tip top of your bucket list of things to do in Scarborough. Go off road and venture through the North York Moors National Park, cycling from Scarborough to Whitby. Here you’ll take in epic views as you journey along our famous coastline, feeling the salty spray in your face (we mean from the sea, you mucky pup).

The Sea Front

For a shorter ride with all the fun of a long one, trek by Scarborough’s South Bay. This place is best enjoyed when it’s quiet and no one is trailing around with their amusement pennies and grabber wins. For the best Instagram piccies, journey at sunrise or sunset to see the best view in the whole of the UK – in our opinion, but we are biased.

Dalby Forest

Okay so this one isn’t in Scarborough, but dedicated cyclists will want to give this location a shot. Here there are loads of different trails for bikers of different abilities, from easy to moderate. There’s also a bike shop in the grounds, if you need anything at all. Being a forest, there’s lots of trees so make sure you don’t crash into any.

Bike & Boot

Of course, we have to blow our own trumpet. We’re THE best place to visit on a cycling holiday in Scarborough. We’re completely bike-friendly and ready to wheel you in with our charm. Our on-site Wadobi facilities have secure bike storage, a service tower, tyre pumps, a washing station PLUS electric bikes to rent out. You lucky thing.

To find out more about our hotel facilities for cyclists, visit our dedicated webpage: https://bikeandboot.com/scarborough/bike/

From an ice-rink to a Santa meet and greet for dogs, it just snow happens that there’s tons to get up to in our seaside town this winter! We’re absolutely sleighing it.

In this blog, our hotel has listed the top things to do in Scarborough this Christmas.

Take your Dog to Meet Santa Paws

Did you know the big man is visiting our seafront hotel in Scarborough this winter? As the best dog-friendly hotel in the world, of course we had to make a fuss of our VIPs (that’s Very Important Pooches, FYI). Santa will be stopping by to take piccies with your pups on the 19th of December, between 12pm and 4pm. If you’re looking to come on down and would like more info, check out our page: https://bikeandboot.com/santa-paws/

Scarborough hotel

Go Ice Skating

For the first time EVER, Scarborough’s bagged it’s very own ice rink! Open daily from the 3rd of December, the rink is for people of all abilities so anyone can give it a go. Whether you’re skating around like Torvill and Dean or clinging to the side of the rink for dear life, you’re bound to have an fantabulous time. If you’re wanting to go, book your tickets in advance and head to North Street Car Park.

Get Involved on Boxing Day

Scarborough is home to loads of Boxing Day traditions that boot-loads of people turn up to see every year. First up is the Fisherman and Fireman football match, which started way back in 1893 – gosh! Each team must wear wacky hats – if one falls off, the other team gets a free kick. 

There is also a raft race, where teams build their own creations and compete in the Harbour. Things get messy at the start line, where both opponents pelt eggs and flour at the rafts. If all that’s not enough, there’s a ritual building of a Mile of Pennies along the seafront. It begins on the curb outside the Lifeboat House, if you’re looking to spend a coin.

Stop by the Bareca

Open all day over the festive period, our Bareca restaurant in Scarborough is the place to be this winter! Alongside our usual menu, our venue is serving up twisted festive favourites until the 3rd of January. Expect sautéed sprouts, Christmas turkey pizza and mince pie affogato. We’ve also got hot spiced apple juice, winter whiskey sours, festive fizz cocktails and more. Treat yo’ elf.

Scarborough restaurant

Whitby Krampus Run

We have the same council as Whitby, so it’s basically Scarborough – right? We think we can get away with it in this blog! This tradition started in 2013 when a lone Christmas monster prowled the streets. Now the parade has grown in size, becoming a wild celebration where creatures take over the town. This event will take place on the 4th of December, starting at Whitby Bandstand.

Things to do in Scarborough

Head to the Theatre

If you fancy a trip to see a pantomime this Christmas, look no further than the Stephen Joseph Theatre. They’ll be showcasing the World Premiere of Jack and the Beanstalk for families to have some fee-fi-fo-fun! We’re hosting a giveaway on the Bareca’s Facebook page for one of you lucky lot to win some tickets to the show and a voucher for our venue!

Things to do in Scarborough

Visit Bike & Boot

Get away from home this season and escape to our dog-friendly hotel in Scarborough. After long walks along the beach and cliff tops to blow away the cobwebs, crash in one of our hotel rooms. Our Sleepeeze beds are soft as snow and will leave you feeling cosy in no time at all. If you venture out of your room, our free Film Club is showing classic Christmas films all afternoon, and our Retreat is full of board games, free cake and unlimited hot drinks. We’re the place to be!

Hotel in Scarborough

To find out more about the festivities taking place in our hotel this winter, check out our webpage: https://bikeandboot.com/tis-the-season/

It’s back to school season and that means lots more time without little people to worry about (yay!). It’s been lovely having the kids about in the summer hols, but now it’s time for the parents to have a break.

Here at Bike & Boot we’re all about enjoying yourself in the wildest ways, and we’ve picked out our top ideas for couples activities whilst on holiday in Scarborough.

1. Make friends with alpacas at Thorny Beck

What better way to soak in the glorious views of the North Yorkshire Coast than with an alpaca by your side? Escape from the everyday hustle and bustle with a calming walk along the forestry and pastures, accompanied by a new furry friend you handpicked yourself. Thorny Beck is open all year round so if it rains, al-pac-a coat (get it?!). Ps. dogs are still our fave.

Hotel in Scarborough

2. Walk (or fall) on water at North Bay Railway

Ever wanted to roll around on water in a giant plastic ball? At the North Bay Railway you have the chance – lucky you. If you’re really feeling brave then try the skytrail adventure- a two level rope bridge and beam course that’ll be sure to get your heart-rate up. Just try to avoid activities too soon after your fish and chips!

Holiday in Scarborough

3. Take a tour in Terror Tower

We promise our showers aren’t as scary as the one in the Bate’s Motel, but if you want to double-check then you can. Reignite your fear of the dark on this tour of genuine famous film sets from thriller movies. If you’ve got the guts to take the walk then be our guest (and don’t worry, we wont turn off ALL the lights at night…).

Scarborough Hotel

4. Watch a live performance at the Stephen Joseph Theatre

Our seaside town is full of artistic culture and we love this vintage theatre. Soak up the magic of the arts and visit the lovely Eat Me Cafe. The Stephen Joseph Theatre was established in 1955 on the first floor of the public library, and was the home of the FIRST theatre-in-the-round company in England. Shakespeare who?

Scarborough Hotel

5. Relax onboard the Regal Lady

You might not expect much excitement from an ex-war boat but this Dunkirk Little Ship has history and fun inside, with the chance to explore the Dunkirk memorabilia or even visit the cinema room. This pimped-out boat also has a bar so you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Scarborough Harbour with a pint in-hand. And if you really want to get into the spirit, you can take a ride on their smaller passenger boat, the Spirit of Dunkirk, which makes trips into the bay. Sorted!

Scarborough Hotel

6. Stumble out of the Stumble Inn

It wouldn’t be a holiday without a few drinks, and if you love that small pub vibe then you’ll love it here in Scarborough’s first micropub. The cosy atmosphere at the Stumble Inn makes it a great place to finish a long day (after visiting the Bareca, of course), with the chance to sample one of their five real ales or 10 ciders and perries before you buy. Just like us, they’re very dog friendly so bring your pooch along too!

Scarborough Hotel

7. Visit Scarborough’s Open Air Theatre

We know what you’re thinking- another theatre? Yes…but hear us out, this one is actually a music venue. Originally built in 1930, the Open Air Theatre is the biggest in Europe. The Queen herself relaunched it in 2010 and since it’s revamp it’s seen artists from the likes of Boyzone to Elton John on it’s stage. If Scarborough’s good enough for Elton, what more do you need to know?

Scarborough Hotel

So there’s our top picks for things to do in Scarborough as a couple. It’s time to leave the kids at home and come and see what all the fuss is about!

Most people would agree that there’s nothing better than a good old bike ride. The feeling of soaking in the crisp air whilst pedalling along – it’s truly unmatched.

However, do you feel like the ride is over all too quickly? Or generally underwhelming? Missing a little spark? Well have no fear, as Fat Lad at the Back is here to share some of our top tips to have the best ride of your life.

Explore nature’s backyard

Some people cycle to achieve PB, lose weight or simply to get from A to B. It sounds a bit boring, doesn’t it? And it’s those types of rides that you end up forgetting about your surroundings. If you really think about it, it’s incredible to find out what’s lurking beyond the towns and city centres. Fields full of flowers, breath-taking views, friendly animals and so much more. So, why not turn off the Strava for a day and go out and explore. Just see where a single path might take you, as you never know what you might discover.

Dress to the max! 

Comfort is key – especially when you’re cycling. No one wants to bear the continuous ache of sore plums or end up catching a chill from the British breeze. Our solution? Easy. Getting yourself kitted out in the best gear, of course!

The perfect way to start off with a strong outfit is to start with a good jersey. Using top quality, Italian technical fabrics with unique designs, our cycling jerseys are longer in length and have more room across the shoulders, chest and around the middle for a perfect fit, that will leave you looking and feeling great. If you’re a sleek style rider, we recommend our Incognito or Horizon jerseys. Or if you want something with a bit more character, then our Pie and Cake jerseys are perfect for you (and these are available in long sleeves if you want to be extra warm in the colder months!).

Hotel in Scarborough

Now for the bottom half. We don’t want to toot our own horn, but this is where we really shine. Our padded bib shorts are known for their top-quality comfort as the foam moulds to the body of the rider, to provide the best support where needed (and they look pretty stylish too).

Hotel in Scarborough

Next up is a jacket! By using the latest fabrics, our jackets give you the best protection from all of the elements whilst still being breathable. Perfect for layering up!

And finally, you can’t go wrong with a few accessories! Like our socks, caps and neck doo dahs, they’re the ultimate finishing touches to any look. Then you’re raring to go! And not only will you feel comfortable, but you’ll look FLABulous too!

Have a cheeky catch up

Riding with friends instantly makes the experience better. It makes you feel less lonely, is great support and moral when you need it – with enough laughs to supply you throughout the week ahead. So why not use your rides for a good old catch up!

If you’re in the market for some cycling pals, then check out our FLAB social rides. Ran by volunteers of the Fat Lad At The Back community, it’s a place where like-minded people meet and ride together. Everyone is welcome, whatever your ability.

Happy tummy, happy people

If your ride doesn’t have a scheduled cake or pie stop then you’re cycling wrong! It’s almost criminal! By having an end destination or little stop along the way, you can muster more motivation to keep going when it gets tough. It makes you want to pedal faster as you’ll be one step closer to tasting a sweet treat. Plus it’s always good to give yourself breaks to make sure you don’t burn yourself out. Did you know it’s rumoured the more cake stops there is, the happier you’ll become.

Have fun! 

It sounds cheesy but go and have fun! And with our top tips your rides will be far from boring. So go out and get cycling!

To find out more about us at Fat Lad at the Back, visit our website: https://fatladattheback.com/

7 Weird & Wonderful Things to Do in Scarborough

Yipee, lockdown is almost over, which means you can start planning your weird & wonderful trip to Scarbs. And we can’t flippin’ wait to see your smiling faces.

At our Scarborough hotel, we love anything weird & wonderful – it’s kinda our thing. So to celebrate our reopening and give you some inspo, we’ve picked out our favourite weird & wonderful things to do.

1.Discover the legend of Hairy Bob’s Cave

At the foot of the cliffs, near Scarborough Castle, you’ll find the mysterious Hairy Bob’s Cave. No one is sure how this man-made cave came to be, but there are many weird and wonderful tales. Some say Bob was a door-to-door salesman of ‘Yellowstone, harvesting materials from the Castle Cliffs, and others say he was a meek man who created the cave as a hideaway from his spouse! We don’t know what’s true, but we are living for the legends.

2. Watch films in a secret theatre inside a hotel

There is a really amazing dog-friendly hotel that has a secret movie theatre. All guests have free access to daily film screenings – pretty cool right? The hotel is called Bike & Boot, and we’ve heard that it’s the best place to stay in Scarborough. You can also have a big fat slice of FREE cake every afternoon, so you can kick back, relax and stuff your face – we won’t judge!

3. Sit on the WORLD’s longest bench at Scarborough Railway

Yep, you heard us, Scarborough is home to the world’s longest railway bench. The bench is 139 metres long, which is the equivalent to 12 double-decker buses! We know what you’re thinking, why on earth is it so long? It’s thought that the bench dates back to 1883, when the Grade II station was built and was crafted to accommodate the high number of tourists visiting Scarborough. Well, we suppose there’s no need to fight for the best seat!

(Photo credit: Reddit)

4. Witness the “Battle of Peasholm”

Every summer, war (don’t worry it’s not real) breaks out on the lake in Peasholm Park, as replica ships recreate battle at sea. For more than 80 years, “The Battle of Peasholm” has been played out three times a week in the height of summer. It’s also one of the oldest continuously simulated battles in the world. If only we knew who was going to win every time…

5. Ride the Victorian Tramway

Feeling mega lazy, or aren’t up for the climb down to the beach? Don’t sweat it, just hop on the tram and you’ll be down on the seafront in next to no time. The tramway itself has been running since 1881 and is a classic Scarborough landmark. It’s an absolute lifesaver in summer! After all, who wants to trek up a hill when the sun is blazing? Not us.

(Photo credit: Discover Yorkshire Coast)

6. Take a selfie with Freddie Gilroy

Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it’s a giant sculpture. The Freddie Gilroy statue is one of the most iconic in Scarborough, and it’s gigantic. Created by Ray Lonsdale, the piece is based on a real-life former miner who was among the first soldiers to enter the Belsen concentration camp on its day of liberation in WW2. Join Freddie on his bench and stop for a selfie as you walk along the seafront.

7. Take a trip down memory lane at Scarborough Fair Collection

Are you going to Scarborough Fair? Reminisce of days gone by in Scarborough, at this nostalgic museum, which is certainly a true love of ours. With a large vintage car collection, old steam engines and of course, classic fairground rides. Better yet, you can ride the Golden Galloping Horses Carousel every hour. If you’ve been pigging out on our hotel on all the free cake, just take it easy on the Merry-Go-Round…

And there you have it, 7 more reasons to visit our lovely little seaside town. If the secret cinema and free cake don’t tempt you to book with our hotel in Scarborough, we don’t know what will.

Plan your Post-Lockdown Winter Escape

When the time is right, the time is, erm, right.. So now is a better time than ever to start planning your post-lockdown winter escape to Scarborough! Read on to find out some of the bits and bobs you can hopefully get up to when we re-open our dog-friendly doors.

Get outdoors!

Brave the winter chill with a trip out to one of our local outdoor attractions. Grab your dog, bike or just yourself and discover what pleasures Scarbados has to offer. From Peasholm Park to our beautiful beach, from a cliff top walk to a meander along the nearby moors, there is plenty to do. However, if you can’t be bothered to move, you can always just sit and watch the waves crash from the comfort of your sea view room.

With no lounging sunbathers to cause havoc upon, the seasonal beach dog bans are lifted throughout the winter months. So, your doggo can have full reign across the North and South Bay. Just make sure you wash those sandy paws down at our Wadobi, before they trample all over your bed – no one likes those gritty sheets!

Also, with the seafront a lot quieter, there’s no better time for a tranquil pedal across the edge of Yorkshire. Bliss!

Hang-out at the hotel

If you’re searching for some delicious grub, look no further than a few steps outside your hotel room door. Winter is the time for overindulgence, and the Bareca’s festive menu allows you to do just that. Tantalise your taste buds with a host of new flavours and even sample our Christmas Pizza – topped with turkey, bacon and cranberries. Oi, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

Not hungry enough for a full meal? Head down to the Retreat, where you can pull up a chair and watch the day go by – whilst stuffing your face with free hot drinks and cake. Ooh, we do treat you.

Go to the Movies

Again, we’ve got ya back, so you don’t have to leave our hotel to watch a festive film on the big screen. If you’ve not been forced to watch 20 Santa movies already by the kids, we’re presenting the 12 films of Christmas – you’re welcome! Here you can be tortured into watching your least festive favourite films, from Love Actually to Miracle on 34th Street.

If it makes you feel any better, you can crack open a few beers at your seat, to help you settle down to fall asleep and miss the entire film. Sounds like a faultless plan, until the kids start jumping on your head. You tried.

Do some retail therapy

We love local, and you should too! Kickstart your Christmas shopping and pick up some presents for all the family members you can tolerate – and those you can’t. It’s been a really hard year for independent businesses, and they could do with your helping hand.

You’ll make their day just by popping your head round the door, having a mooch around and stuffing some wares into your basket. Scarborough has loads of indie shops to visit, so you can grab anything from books to choccies. And, for that one person you don’t like, the Scarborough Joke and Magic Shop can help you set up the perfect prank. Do let us know what you get up to…

Meander to the theatre

Bored of listening to Elsa from Frozen belt ‘Let it Go’ out for the hundredth time? The Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough has created a brand spanking new adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson’s ‘The Snow Queen’, showing this December. Finally, a character with a heart of ice you can relate to.

Theatres have really struggled recently, and they’d very much appreciate your bum in one of their socially distanced seats. Also, when you book your tickets, you are automatically entered into a draw for prizes donated by Scarborough’s local businesses – including an overnight stay with brekkie on us! You can’t argue with that.

We can’t wait to have you visit again soon.. our Scarborough hotel isn’t the same without you. In the meantime, keep safe!

Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Our Scarborough Hotel

Did you know we have our own Film Club? Or that we serve cake for FREE? There’s lots of reasons why you’re in for a one-of-a-kind stay at our sea front hotel! In this blog, we’re revealing five things you probably didn’t know about our Scarborough hotel, so you can make the most of your stay with us.

You can have free coffee & cake in the Retreat

For a little down time away from your room, why not chillax in the Retreat? You’ll feel right at home in the cosy setting, especially with the family arguments brought on by our selection board games. Uno anyone?

If that’s not enough to persuade you to unwind in the Retreat, we’re going bottomless. Keep your pants on! We mean we’re serving unlimited hot drinks, of course. Like a werewolf at a full moon, you can reveal your inner Bruce Bogtrotter around 4pm daily, and tackle our free cake. Hurry while it lasts!

We love doggos!

Here in Scarborough, we just love dogs! With so many dog friendly attractions, we were recently voted the second top doggo staycation location in the UK. Here at Bike & Boot, we are so proud to be at the top of the food chain for dog friendly hotels in Scarborough.

Dogs are our VIPs! We will welcome your companion with a lovely toy lobster, which they can keep, cuddle and play with to their little heart’s content.

As much as we all adore them, on all dog holidays in Scarborough, that dirty dog smell is a potent pet peeve. We have facilities to scrub your hound and perm them with a blow dry, so they’re bedroom ready. If dogs aren’t for you (WHY not?!) we also have Dog Free Rooms available!

Our Wadobi facilities are a helping hand for bikers and hikers

Being a seafront hotel in Scarborough, we’re the perfect central destination for your outdoor activities. That’s why we’ve introduced Wadobi, with free facilities that fulfil all your needs!

Start those wetter days off right with your pick of raincoats and umbrellas. Pump up those bike tyres, or stick your wetsuit on in the changing rooms. Forgot your bike? Hire one of our top of the range Trek electric bikes, perfect for touring the coast and moors. And, when you arrive back to us after your down and dirty day, the Wadobi will be ready to greet you.

Our washing stations are here to service your surfboards, bikes and muddy boots and leave them prepared for their next adventure. You can clean your mucky pup too at the grooming parlour. When you’re done, lock your boards, boots & bikes away for a safe, sound and secure night’s sleep.

We have our own in-house Film Club

Fancy a free trip to the cinema? All our guests are invited to the Film Club, right here at our Scarborough hotel. Whether it’s sci-fi, family films or romance you desire, with movies showings three times a day, there’s something for everyone. Swap your pic n’ mix for a pint and snacks, which you can grab from your room or the bar. No need to book, just turn up!

Our rooms have amazing features

Wake up and smell the coffee! All our rooms, great and small, come complete with a Barista-style coffee machine. So, you can ease yourself into the day in the best hotel rooms in Scarborough. If you fancy something stronger, the well-stocked minibars are full to bursting with tinnies and tipples, fresh milk & snacks. We also provide ice machines so you can chill that drink, free water, a hair dryer, iron and board.

Unlike other hotels in Scarborough, your TV won’t be limited to the odd few news channels. Oh no, our TVs can link with your phone, laptop or tablet, allowing you to stream your own movies and binge your favourite tv shows on a bigger screen. So, you can kick back and chill out with some quality viewing before bed.

Is this not the greatest hotel you’ve ever seen? Our unique hotel is as charming as the town we sit in, and will be sure to make your stay unforgettable. We hope these features have persuaded you to pay us a visit on your Scarborough holidays!