Google searches for ‘dog-friendly hotels’ have increased by 450% in the past year! With more and more of you lovely lot looking to take your bestie on a holibob, there’s no wonder we’re a hit. In this blog, we’re showing you why pet-friendly hotels are the future.

Happy Holidays

Let’s be honest – how can you be sad when you’ve got an adorable, waggy pooch around you? Studies have shown that spending time with dogs actually increases your levels of the feel-good hormone oxytocin, and lowers the stress hormone, cortisol. Looking to make your break chilled out and cheerful? Bring your dog.

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Part of the Family

When dogs have so much love to give, we’ve just got to give it back! In fact, 98% of dog owners consider their pups to be part of the family. We don’t know who the other 2% are, but we don’t want them at our hotel – no thanks!

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Ditch the Kennels

It’ll set you back £15 per dog, per night, to bring your pooch along to our pet-friendly hotel. When you compare that to the whopping big kennel fees, you’re saving a fortune! You’d be silly not to bring your pup on holiday with you, and they’ll love all of the quality time.

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Out and About

Owning a dog means walking in all weathers, come rain or shine – which is a good thing in the UK! They’ll defo get you walking, running and ball-throwing, no matter the elements. At our hotel in Scarborough, we’ve got the beach on our doorstep and the Cinder Track a stone’s throw away – so you’ll always have a place to go.

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Poochy Experience

A holiday with your dog is one to remember, especially when you come to our hotel. Snap some adorable pics, take a long walk on the cliff-tops and paddle in the sea – there’s loads of memories to be made with your bestie. 

dog-friendly hotel

When we say we’re pet-friendly, we mean it! Dogs can roam EVERYWHERE in our hotel (except our dog-free rooms), including our free Film Club, Bareca and the Retreat. We also have Wadobi facilities, where you can pamper your pooch in our dog-washing and grooming stations. Bliss!

Take your dog on the trip of their life and book a stay at our hotel in Scarborough. Book your stay today!

When it comes to dog walks in Scarborough, there’s lots more options than just the beaches! If you’re looking to avoid the sticky sand and salty sea, you can venture to one of our local parks and woods, or go further afield to the North York Moors and beyond.

In this blog, our dog-friendly hotel has listed the best local dog walks in Scarborough that avoid the beaches.

Peasholm Park

This park is great for those looking for a peaceful walk with their pooch. Well-behaved dogs on leads are welcome to trek around the vast lake, natural glen and little ponds. Just please don’t let your dog pee on the very pretty and very rare trees. And maybe don’t take your pooch on a dragon boat.

Raincliffe Woods

Just a couple of miles out of the town centre, Raincliffe Woods has three trails for you to follow with your pup: Rowntree, Graham and Wallis – you can bet we love these names! The Wallis route is the most strenuous, so might be best avoided if you have a small dog that loves to be carried. We’re looking at you, chihuahuas.

The Mere

If you ask any of the locals what the best dog walk in Scarborough is, you can bet that they’ll send you on your way here. The famous Mere is the Lakeland that you can find down at the Weaponness Valley. We promise this location isn’t as threatening as the name implies.

Dalby Forest

Drive a little further out of Scarbs to Dalby Forest – it’s well worth it! There are a whopping 12 walking trails to choose from, including some easy access routes for the laziest of pooches. The Crosscliff View trail is one of their shortest walks, but you’re rewarded with stunning scenery to have a gander at!

Broxa Forest

Looking to make the most of the North Yorkshire Moors? Broxa Forest is the place for you! Follow the wooded walk to discover stunning views – and even look out for the Northern Lights! Let your dog be at one with the wind, as you investigate whether that glint you thought was an aeroplane is, in fact, one of nature’s best wonders. Will you ever know?

Our dog-friendly hotel in Scarborough is in the prime spot for you to access all the best walks of North Yorkshire. Even better? After a day of wild adventures, you can clean your smelly pooch down in our Wadobi. Find out more about how our hotel caters to your four-legged-friend: