Scarborough’s Top 5 Outdoor Attractions

Scarborough is one of the greatest destinations for walking holidays in Yorkshire, so stretch those legs and get outdoors! If walking through empty fields just isn’t for you, don’t worry – there’s plenty of places for you to visit on your travels. In this blog, we’ve listed five top outdoor attractions for you to visit on your next stay at our Scarborough hotel.

Oliver’s Mount

Forget Mount Everest! Formerly known as Weaponness, this large wooded hill rises a mighty 500 feet above sea level. You’ve probably heard of this place due to its motorbike racing reputation, so it’s hard to believe that for most of the year, Oliver’s Mount is a tranquil local beauty spot! You can stuff your face with sausage rolls whilst overlooking panoramic views of South Scarbados at this perfect picnic destination, but most importantly, don’t forget to pay your respects to the 241 individuals who fought for our country at the Scarborough War Memorial, which towers at the top of the hill.

Scarborough Castle

Look up as you stroll along Marine Drive and take in the beautiful Scarborough Castle. Just watch out for an unwanted surprise from the seagulls! The safer option is to climb up the hill for some close-up action. With over 3000 years of turbulent history, this castle has survived Romans, Vikings, sieges from medieval Kings and German naval bombardment. And now, it is inundated with visits from guests of our seafront hotel in Scarborough on our recommendation – the poor thing, I bet it preferred the Vikings!

Peasholm Park

This peaceful, oriental-themed park is home to a tranquil lake, where you can glide along on a rowing boat, canoe or dragon headed pedalo – we know which one we’d choose! Its beautiful bridges, mysterious gardens and wondrous waterfalls make for a truly unique experience, so there’s no wonder it’s one of the UK’s top 10 parks, especially with its champion trees – which are the tallest, widest and best example of species in the country! Also, the Golden Elms here were thought to be globally extinct, but then two of them popped up right here in Scarborough! Magical happenings at Peasholm park. You’re welcome for the tree education, by the way.

Hairy Bob’s Cave

At the foot of Scarborough Castle lies a tiny rock with carved out windows and doors. Legend has it that it was once the seaside escape of a gnome on his Scarborough holidays. The gnome was said to have a faithful pet seagull, who brought him fresh fish every day, which could be true – no one actually knows the origins of this cave. Another local story is that it was built to store workmen’s tools, but we like the first one better. Also, if you fancy a wheel about, Bob has his own skate park just below the cave – what a daredevil! Steady on, Bob.

St Mary’s Church

Built in 1150, this historic church stands proud above the old town, just below Scarborough Castle. This magnificent much-loved building has always been well looked after by locals, having been rebuilt and restored after the English Civil War. You can easily see why Agnes Grey writer, Anne Brontë, selected her final resting place here. Her grave still stands in the graveyard, with an accompanying correctional plaque because the original engraving supplies her wrongful age!

All of these attractions are in close proximity to our hotel in Scarborough, so you can easily walk, bike, or stroll with your dog to them. With our central seafront destination, our hotel is the best accommodation in Scarborough, and we look forward to having you stay with us!