7 Weird & Wonderful Things to Do in Scarborough

Yipee, lockdown is almost over, which means you can start planning your weird & wonderful trip to Scarbs. And we can’t flippin’ wait to see your smiling faces.

At our Scarborough hotel, we love anything weird & wonderful – it’s kinda our thing. So to celebrate our reopening and give you some inspo, we’ve picked out our favourite weird & wonderful things to do.

1.Discover the legend of Hairy Bob’s Cave

At the foot of the cliffs, near Scarborough Castle, you’ll find the mysterious Hairy Bob’s Cave. No one is sure how this man-made cave came to be, but there are many weird and wonderful tales. Some say Bob was a door-to-door salesman of ‘Yellowstone, harvesting materials from the Castle Cliffs, and others say he was a meek man who created the cave as a hideaway from his spouse! We don’t know what’s true, but we are living for the legends.

2. Watch films in a secret theatre inside a hotel

There is a really amazing dog-friendly hotel that has a secret movie theatre. All guests have free access to daily film screenings – pretty cool right? The hotel is called Bike & Boot, and we’ve heard that it’s the best place to stay in Scarborough. You can also have a big fat slice of FREE cake every afternoon, so you can kick back, relax and stuff your face – we won’t judge!

3. Sit on the WORLD’s longest bench at Scarborough Railway

Yep, you heard us, Scarborough is home to the world’s longest railway bench. The bench is 139 metres long, which is the equivalent to 12 double-decker buses! We know what you’re thinking, why on earth is it so long? It’s thought that the bench dates back to 1883, when the Grade II station was built and was crafted to accommodate the high number of tourists visiting Scarborough. Well, we suppose there’s no need to fight for the best seat!

(Photo credit: Reddit)

4. Witness the “Battle of Peasholm”

Every summer, war (don’t worry it’s not real) breaks out on the lake in Peasholm Park, as replica ships recreate battle at sea. For more than 80 years, “The Battle of Peasholm” has been played out three times a week in the height of summer. It’s also one of the oldest continuously simulated battles in the world. If only we knew who was going to win every time…

5. Ride the Victorian Tramway

Feeling mega lazy, or aren’t up for the climb down to the beach? Don’t sweat it, just hop on the tram and you’ll be down on the seafront in next to no time. The tramway itself has been running since 1881 and is a classic Scarborough landmark. It’s an absolute lifesaver in summer! After all, who wants to trek up a hill when the sun is blazing? Not us.

(Photo credit: Discover Yorkshire Coast)

6. Take a selfie with Freddie Gilroy

Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it’s a giant sculpture. The Freddie Gilroy statue is one of the most iconic in Scarborough, and it’s gigantic. Created by Ray Lonsdale, the piece is based on a real-life former miner who was among the first soldiers to enter the Belsen concentration camp on its day of liberation in WW2. Join Freddie on his bench and stop for a selfie as you walk along the seafront.

7. Take a trip down memory lane at Scarborough Fair Collection

Are you going to Scarborough Fair? Reminisce of days gone by in Scarborough, at this nostalgic museum, which is certainly a true love of ours. With a large vintage car collection, old steam engines and of course, classic fairground rides. Better yet, you can ride the Golden Galloping Horses Carousel every hour. If you’ve been pigging out on our hotel on all the free cake, just take it easy on the Merry-Go-Round…

And there you have it, 7 more reasons to visit our lovely little seaside town. If the secret cinema and free cake don’t tempt you to book with our hotel in Scarborough, we don’t know what will.