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Learn about our Scarborough & Peak District locations

Right, take a seat & let us tell you a very special tale. Are you ready?

In July 2020, we banged opened the doors of our 65-bedroom debut Bike & Boot hotel in Scarborough. Hurrah!

We set out to create a new kind of hotel for the 21st Century leisure consumer – offering facilities that no one else is providing.

We’re now the most dog-friendly hotel group in the world, with pooches allowed free roam.

Our Bike & Boot freebies are also a huge hit, with guests being able to access free hot drinks, tea-time cake, movies in our Film Club & more. We even have complimentary custom Wadobi facilities at each of our sites, where guests can groom their pooch, store & maintain their bike & surf gear, or tinker with their classic car & motorbike.

With four further sites in various stages of planning across the North of England, the Midlands, Wales & Scotland, there’s certainly big things coming in future! We can’t wait to show you around our humble abodes.

Scarborough Hotel

The Scarborough hotel has more front than the town itself!

Loud & proud, the hotel has many weird & wonderful features, including the Film Club, Wadobi & the Bareca – a dog-friendly bar, restaurant & café. You can even get FREE cake & coffee at the Retreat. Who said we never treat you?


Peak District Hotel

Set to open in early 2023, Bike & Boot’s second hotel is rocking up in the heart of The Peak District.

Complete with 60 unrivalled bedrooms, the hotel is rocking up in rural Derbyshire, just 20 minutes from Chatsworth House. The hotel will appeal to bikers, hikers & dog owners, as well as motorbike & classic car enthusiasts. With bike storage, dog grooming facilities, a covered service area, top-notch secure parking and more, we’ll have loads on offer!


A full copy of our privacy policy is located here

Your deposit is non refundable.

Dates can be change 3 days prior to stay should you need to move your booking.

Please note that all of our rooms are No Smoking.

Dogs are welcome in all of our room types, however we do hold some back for our pet free guests. You must add your dog on to your booking to ensure that you are allocated to a dog friendly room.

Standard terms and conditions of booking

Reservations, deposits and payment
These are confirmed with your reservation and vary with the rate reserved.

Cancellations and no-shows
These are confirmed with your reservation and vary with the rate reserved.

Guest property
You are responsible for the security of your belongings and a room safe is provided for the safe-keeping of valuable items.

Bicycles, clothing, surf boards and other items are kept in our dedicated storage facilities. The hotel provides storage facilities and maintains electronic monitoring but cannot accept responsibility for the safe-keeping of items, except where damage or loss is caused by its negligence.

If your property is left behind, we are not responsible for its safe-keeping but will make reasonable efforts to store it for a maximum of six months.

Hotel property
If you, or others who are part of your reservation group (including pets), damage the hotel’s property, you are accept joint and several responsibility for the cost or repair or replacement at the hotel management’s discretion.

The hotel has a strict no smoking policy anyone found to be smoking within rooms or in public areas will be fined accordingly and could be asked to leave with no reimbursement given for stay

Minibars, room snacks and honesty bar
Rooms at the Bike & Boot have minibars and room snacks and some of the contents are chargeable if consumed, whilst others are complimentary (included in the room charge). You are responsible for familiarising yourself with charges before consuming any items as they are charged after check out.

The honesty bar in the Retreat is chargeable on the basis of the prices displayed and are often charged post-departure. You are responsible for familiarising yourself with charges before consuming any items as they are charged after check out.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are accepting the validity of these charges.

Film club
The film club is not licensed as a public cinema and, as such, is for use by resident guests only. No access can be made available to non-resident guests, even at an additional charge.

Reasonable use
A number of amenities at the Bike & Boot are made available on a “complimentary” or “inclusive” basis. These services are provided subject to the principle of reasonable use, as defined by the hotel’s management.

We welcome well-behaved pets subject to the payment of our overnight charges. If your pets damage the hotel, its property or the property of other guests, reasonable charges for loss, reinstatement or replacement are chargeable at the hotel management’s discretion.

Fire and safety
You are responsible for familiarising yourself with emergency escape and alarm procedures and for exiting the building quickly and un-aided where it is necessary to do so.

If you have a disability that might make it more difficult to escape from the building in an emergency, you are obliged to tell us at the time of reservation.

Contracting party
Your reservation and contract is with Bike & Boot Inns Ltd, a company registered in England & Wales. Registration number 09830089

You always get the best price by booking direct with us – guaranteed.